Fast 4c Analysis Resources Management of the Nation and the People Religious Humanist Naturalist Interconnection

  • Musjib Musta'in Universitas Darul `Ulum Jombang Indonesia
  • Eka Askafi Pascasarjana Universitas Islam Kadiri, Kediri, Indonesia
  • Ali Sukamtono Universitas Darul `Ulum Jombang Indonesia


The main problem of human resource management (HR) is the lack of a complete understanding of reality. In fact, the Indonesian people are religious people. Divinity is an important element in every step of life. However, so far this variable has not received a portion, there has not been a serious discussion on God's resources (SD), which only discusses natural resources (SDA) and human resources. As a result, the essence of development which aims to build a complete human being becomes lame, not complete anymore. Naturalist (state) humanist (nation) and religious (religion) interconnections are needed. Humans consist of two elements physically and mentally, body and spirit, soul and body, physical and mental, body and mind. His body comes from nature (soil, water, and air). The soul or spirit comes from God. Of course, the source of strength or human resources comes from these two factors, nature and God. In secular science, God is not taken into account, and sometimes even considered non-existent (nil). This is a big mistake in analyzing religious Indonesian citizens. Belief in God's power is an infinite resource (exist). In the composition of Pancasila, divinity is positioned in the first place. This construction is important to understand so that the next step is right on target. Only the name is different, in the state (state) humans are called citizens, in the nation (nation) humans are called nations, and in religion (religion) humans are called people. What is the relationship pattern between the three components? In the teachings of Islam, the Prophet Muhammad SAW has four main characteristics that must be imitated, namely Fatonah, Amanah, Siddiq, Tabligh (FAST). On the other hand, in the nation state, there are 4C constructions (Concept, Competent, Commitment, Connection). The two pairs, each of which consists of 4 elements, are a duality relationship that deserves to be developed within the state, nation and religion. Through this FAST 4C paradigm, God willing, there will be an Indonesian society that is naturalist, humanist, religious.

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